Thursday, October 28, 2010

Breaking the silence...

You may have noticed that I haven't been around much lately. I don't have some awesomely good excuse of being sick, out of the country or experiencing a flare as my excuse either. Sadly, I've just been lazy lately when it comes to most things computer related. The truth is, about a month ago, I was laid off from my job. Now, it wasn't completely unexpected, the closer we got to the end of our current grant, and having not yet heard from the decision makers of the grant we'd applied for, the more it became clear that lay-offs were imminent. However, I think most of us were expecting a miracle of epic proportions, sweeping in at the last second and saving the day! and all of our jobs... Needless to say, that did not in fact happen, and we were (nearly all) given notice that the company could no longer afford to employ us. (not sure if its mentioned anywhere in here, but I'd worked for a non-profit, in an office providing abstinence education, which President Obama has been advocating against, and actively reversing funding for these necessary programs)

You would think that this recent development would mean that I had ample time and opportunity to be wowing the online world with my many ideas and abundant wisdom...haha...sorry, not even I can keep from snickering here... :) Actually, I've been pretty absent where my computer is concerned. Aside from checking my email about once a day and occasionally browsing help wanted and job posting sites, I've not been on my computer that much. In fact, I just checked my google reader and there were over 70 posts lined up for me to catch up on...YIKES! I'm very sorry for neglecting to check up on all of you, and letting you know whats been going on with me lately.

The truth is, its been a little surreal. The first week and a half I was bored out of my mind. Then I gradually adjusted to my new schedule, or I should say, lack of schedule. You don't realize how much of your day is spent looking at a calendar, or computer until you're left without the need to do so and realize how rare it is for you to do such things otherwise. In fact, the first week of my unemployment, I paid two of my bills late, not because I didn't have the funds, but because I hadn't been checking my calendar hourly and seen that I had a payment due...oops! I spent a while catching up on old hobbies and all the episodes of my favorite shows that I'd missed because my limited time out of work was spent with other more important activities than watching tv. I've read quite a few books, all for fun! not because I had to! I'm going to be putting more health related books on my reading list and actually working to beef up my "helpful links/books" page. (promise!) And I'm going to work at getting back into the habit of posting on here for whoever is still coming back to check things out.

As far as the joblessness is concerned, I'm on four different temp agencies call lists, and have applications out to any company hiring for new office staff. I'm hopeful I'll hear something soon! In the meantime, I'm getting some projects done, and hope to really get this site turned around and being productive. I hope everyones doing well! I look forward to catching up on your posts and whats going on with you all! Check back later for more updates, and the things that have been on my mind lately!

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  1. Sorry to hear about the layoff. Hopefully, you find something soon. It is not the best market we are in but hopefully, things pick up in the New Year. Good kind and good to yourself. (((Gentle hugs.)))


    P.S. I moved over to Wordpress.