Friday, February 26, 2010

Do I look like I have Medicare?

So, I get a letter in the mail today from the Cleveland Clinic. It is to inform me that there are some additional charges that have been reflected on my account. Apparently because the Clinic is a hospital, no matter which office you go to or if it’s even in the actual CC hospital or outlying office practice--they can, and do charge the outpatient hospital fees/charges. The letter continues to inform me that Medicare covers most of the costs related to such charges, so there should be no worry about coverage. However, should you not have Medicare; you should contact your insurance company to determine the coverage of any additional charges. Yes, thank you....I'm 26--does it look like I'm going to be cashing in on some Medicare benefits? Why was it necessary to prattle on for two long paragraphs about the benefits and coverage when it is clearly not something that applies to me? Sigh...I hate form mail....And I'm a little afraid to find out what the charges are going to amount to. Cause these are on top of the typical dr visit copay/charges....and my hospital/ER copay is $75, unless I'm a little nervous to see what the damage will be....That and my deductable has started over...

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